Arrival & Accommodation

You can easily get to Berlin via train, bus, airplane, bicycle and car - from both national and international locations.

Arrival is scheduled for Wednesday 2012-11-21. Initial registration will be possible at a central spot in the city, as is common practice at the StuTS.

On Thursday 2012-11-22 the conference will take place at Freie Universität (FU) in Berlin-Dahlem. Friday and Saturday the StuTS will be held in Berlin-Charlottenburg at Technische Universität (TU).

For participants from outside Berlin and Potsdam, the registration fee includes accommodation. For the time of the conference the majority of you will stay at the Hostel Berlin City Lounge, Pariser Strasse 19, 10707 Berlin. However, we expect some of you to want to stay at friends' places in Berlin, and there is also a platform for private bed-exchange: Participants living in Berlin who can offer a bed or space for a sleeping bag are kindly asked to share their space when filling out the registration form so everyone will find accommodation! During on-line registration you can also tell us whether you would like to be accommodated as a group or rather get to know new people when sharing a room.

The conference venues and hostel are marked on the map below.

52. StuTS auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen


Please note the following change!

We initially offered tickets for public transportation so non-local participants could get to the conference on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We would have done that using tickets for groups of five or single fare tickets only valid for getting to and back from the conference venue. We have now received an offer to use our conference badges as 4-day tickets for public transport from 2012-11-22until 2012-11-25. This means that non-local participants do not have to purchase additional tickets for public transportation for the four days in order to participate in the social program during the evenings or to use the trains individually. Since the ticket is valid Sunday as well, it can also be used for individual sightseeing and for departure.

As a result, the registration fee increases by EUR 7.80 for participants who do not study in Berlin or Potsdam. This is quite modest compared to a single fare ticket, which is at least EUR 2.40, or a day ticket, which starts at EUR 6.50. We therefore introduced we prices for non-local participants that are EUR 7.80 higher than the old ones. In addition, we ask all non-local participants who have payed already for a respective additional payment. The offer by our local transport provider applies to all participants who do not study in Berlin or Potsdam. Thus, we cannot offer exemptions. Students from Berlin and Potsdam use their semester ticket for public transportation and do therefore receive a badge that does not serve as a ticket.

The new prices are:

Early-bird fee
until incl. 2012-10-07
Regular fee
from 2012-10-08
Non-local participants (includes ticket for public transportation) EUR 29.80 EUR 34.80
Participants studying in Berlin or Potsdam (no ticket for public transportation included) EUR 22.00 EUR 27.00


Thursday and Friday we will have lunch at the universities' canteens. The registration fee includes lunch for nonresidents. Students from Berlin receive the usual reduced prices and are kindly asked to pay with their own MensaCard. Saturday we are going to arrange lunch for all participants. Daily breakfast is available free of charge for nonresidents, too. Dinner is not covered by the registration fee.

Public transportation

Participants from outside Berlin and Potsdam will receive tickets for public transportation when registering in Berlin in person. These tickets will be valid 2012-11-22- 2012-11-25 and permit the use of busses, trains and trams in zones A and B of the Berlin public transport network. These two zones cover Berlin entirely. They are displayed as the inner two grey rings (and tiny A and B signs) on the network map. Schönefeld Airport lies outside of these zones and you will need an extra ticket to reach that airport. If you need such a ticket, you can contact us and we will tell you what you have to take care of to get the correct ticket.